Hip and Knee Pain

Hip Pain

Not all pain is created equal. When you walk, run and move, your hip and knee work together to allow you to move fluidly and accurately. When one of these joints and the associated muscle groups that make them move are not working properly, pain can occur in different parts of the leg. Because the body coordinates so well, it can be difficult to determine the specific area that is irritated. Hip pain can leave you with very limited movement and make walking painful. This pain may radiate to the groin, buttock or thigh.

At Evolution Physical Therapy, we understand the complexities of hip movement and function. We examine your walking, movement, range of motion, strength and coordination. Our evaluations enable us to pinpoint the source of your pain and to develop a series of manual therapies and exercises to reduce your pain and restore normal function.We will design a self treatment plan to mimic the manual therapy, allowing our clients to find relief at home when symptoms and suffering increase.

Knee Pain

Knee pain is a very common condition affecting millions of Americans. Many people experience knee pain as a result of knee arthritis or sports injuries. At Evolution Physical Therapy, we have the expertise to evaluate the mechanics of your knees and the relationship to your physical condition and performance. Limitations in movement and imbalances can dramatically affect the way your knee functions, causing increased pressure and pain. While adolescents are growing, the relationship of the growing leg bone and the muscles and tendons controlling the knee get way out of balance. This can cause pain and dysfunction throughout the knee due to increasing pressure at the patella. Physical therapy can restore the normal movement, strength and coordination to the knee and can help you quickly relieve pain and get back to normal activities.

We help patients of all ages, but especially clients age 45 and older, recover from knee surgery and also prevent surgery if possible. If you had knee surgery, including total knee replacement, Evolution Physical Therapy can help with a proper recovery that will get you back to peak performance quickly. We will design a self-treatment plan to mimic the manual therapy, allowing our clients to find relief at home when symptoms and suffering increase.


If you are suffering from Hip and/or Knee pain, come on in and experience the 'Evolution' of decreased pain and increased function.  Contact us today to get started!