Evo Strength System

Evo Strength 101

To get started in our EVO Strength System, or discover more information about this amazing functional strengthening, endurance, and balance program, Submit a Contact Form indicating that you are interested in Evo Strength, or call us directly. 

Each Evo Strength member must complete at least one Evo Strength 101 class prior to participating in their elected level. 

Evo Strength 101 is designed to teach and instruct in the fundamentals of functional training and specific movements and positions involved in performing the exercises.  It also is designed to gradually introduce and expose you to the intensity of the routines, with emphasis on proper movement mechanics and safety.  The Evo Strength system is an extremely efficient and FUN program, and starting off the program with proper fundamentals is key to enjoyment and success.   Participants may complete up to FOUR Evo Strength 101 classes for no additional fees.