Evo Strength System

Evo Levels I-IV

EVO-I: Introductory

For those clients just beginning an exercise program or with limitations such as back, neck, shoulder or knee pain. This level serves as a great transition from Physical Therapy or for those requiring additional initial work after participating in 4 Evo-Strength 101 classes.  Evo-I consists of Low to medium intensity and low-impact exercises.  Large focus is on proper movement patterns, flexibility, posture and basic core strengthening.   Typical class length is 30 minutes.

 EVO-II: Beginner

For those without significant pain or restrictions; all exercises are low-impact but very effective.  More focus on strength and conditioning but this class will still incorporate all aspects of a level 1 class.  Typical class length is 30 minutes. 

 EVO-III: Intermediate

A higher intensity and mixed impact workout with a focus on conditioning; great for anyone looking for a challenging total-body workout.  Combines many different fitness styles and equipment to keep each workout unique and challenging!  All elements of the level 1 and 2 class will be included but with more focus on gradually increasing speed, power and agility.  Typical class length is 45 minutes

 EVO-IV :  Advanced

Evo Level-IV  members will challenge all of their systems during each workout at a higher, consistent intensity level.  This will quickly build even greater strength,  muscular endurance, aerobic and anaerobic capacity, coordination, balance, power, and agility.  All elements of Levels I -III are built upon, challenged, and expanded.  Typical class length is 60 minutes.