Getting Started: BrainyEX

To get started in a BrainyEX program session, or discover more information about this incredible program, Submit a Contact Form indicating that you are interested in BrainyEX, or call us Today! 

Sessions can fill up quickly, as there are limited spaces available for each session, and class size is extremely limited.

Before your first session, you will start with a personalized fitness assessment and baseline cognitive evaluation.

Then once a week you will work in a small group with a certified Brain Coach. Your coach will equip you with the resources needed to reach your individual cognitive and fitness goals.

Each 60-minute session includes:

  • A challenging aerobic workout
  • Cognitive training
  • Lifestyle education
  • Take home assignments and advice

At the end of each session, each participant undergoes a post test, to which improvement over the 8 week session can be starkly compared, and to which ongoing Bi-annual or annual re-assessments can be compared for tracking and evaluation purposes.